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Nu Phi Youth Auxiliary

Our graduate members serve as mentors for four youth groups for both young women and young men. In addition, graduate members serve as role models and give instructional training in refinement, culture, job readiness and more!

How will my child benefit?

As a parent, preparing your child for the future while providing chances for growth is always on your mind.

Meet Friends: Your child will have the chance to meet new friends outside of their school and neighborhood

  • Leadership: Your child will have chances to take on leadership roles such as officer or project leader

  • Career: Exposure to adults working in a variety of career and leadership roles

  • Volunteering: Learn the importance of helping our community. This time can used to meet school requirements

  • Job/interview skills: Phi-Teens and Cavaliers will learn how to fill out job applications, create resumes and learn interview skills to help them compete for the jobs they want

In order to nurture our youth, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. has as a part of its organizational structure:

Rosebuds (Girls, Ages 8 years - 12 years)

Phi-Teens (Young Ladies, Ages 13 – College Sophomore)

Junior Cavaliers (Young Males, Ages 8 years - 12 years)

Cavaliers (Young Men, Ages 13 – College Sophomore)

Seniors Cavaliers (Adult Men)

Echoes (Adult Women) 

Nu Phi Youth Auxiliary

We are a youth organization designed to help your child learn skills, make friends and build confidence! If you would like your child to attend, register now and someone from our team will provide more information!

Got Questions?

Email the Youth Advisor at

Tell a friend to bring a friend! 🙂

Our youth know the importance of helping our community

Our Youth Advisor

Our Youth Auxiliary is led by Carmen Stone, who has extensive education and experience in teaching and working with youth.

Carmen works diligently with Nu Phi youth to encourage outreach, self esteem and most of all love of community.

Joining our Youth Auxiliary is easy!

Contact Carmen Stone for more information on

how to get your child involved today!

You can also download and complete the application in advance.

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